Capstone project

I started this just needs to be a paragraph to each section. Here is the criteria State your PICOt question here. Use the elements of the PICOt in separate sections below to describe each component.• Population – Provide the description of the targeted population.• Intervention – Describe your evidence-based intervention.• Comparison – What is currently happening?• Outcomes – List at least two (2) measurable outcomes.• time – What duration of the study for the project? (e.g., usually 6 months or 3 months)Population(P): Adolescents aged 10- 19 presenting to the primary care clinic.Intervention (I): Implementation of an evidence-based protocol for adolescent mental health screenings in identifying mental health issues at well and acute visits. Comparison (C): There is currently no standard of mental health screening at wellness and acute visits. There are recommendations for yearly wellness mental health screenings in adolescents but lack consistency in practices.Outcomes (O): Identifying mental health issues sooner by screening at well and acute visits. 90% of mental health screenings will be completed at well and acute care visits in the adolescent patient. 100% of adolescent mental health screening will be conducted at well visits.time (t): six monthsIn adolescents (Population ), how effective is mental health screening practices at wellness and acute visits (Intervention) compared to screening only at well clinic visits (Comparison ) in identifying mental health issues (Outcome )during wellness and acute visits in six months (Time)?

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Capstone project
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