Business Work Company Is Canada Goose

1) Description of your business idea. Add any reason you have as to why you decided to pursue this, personal interest maybe? What country and city do you plan to operate in? (Submit Word Document). 

2) Journal entries linked to T-Accounts in General Ledger. This starts on January 20th with the $100,000 loan at 6% annual interest owing. You have to make more journal entries to show what you bought to start your business idea (Links to the source provided also. If you found an asset on amazon then add this link below the journal entry). These journal entries will be dated from the 20th to February 2nd and there should be at least 10 journal entries made. On February 3rd you will record your first inflow of cash and sales revenue if your stock increased (From the publicly traded company you chose). (Submit Excel File).

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Business Work Company Is Canada Goose
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*If your stock has increased by a large amount (Tesla for example) and you can fully pay off your loan, you must use the cash wisely now for you business. Do not simply have ~1 million in your cash T-Account.

3) Most recent annual report of your company. You can find this by doing a search for “Company Name Annual Report” or go to the company website and find a “For Investors” tab or something similar to this and the most recent annual reports should be listed. This is where you can access any publicly traded companys’ financial statements. (Submit PDF).


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