Business Studies

Silicon Valley is the center of the venture capital world. Given that, every business student in the Valley should know something about it. Use our class discussions and information from the websites below to answer the questions below. You should submit your homework as a Word or PDF file. Make sure you spell and grammar check your work. This assignment is worth 60 points. Each question is worth 5 points. Capitalists Why would someone want to be a limited partner in a venture capital firm?Why would someone want to be a general partner in a venture capital firm?Which is better, being a limited partner or a general partner in a venture capital firm?Term Sheets Why would a founder not negotiate all possible terms in a term sheet? As a founder, why is it important to negotiate the valuation of your company?Why would a venture capitalist want a seat on a portfolio company’s board of directors?Why would a venture capitalist want to impose vesting restrictions on the stock held by founders?What is the benefit to preferred stockholders of having a liquidation preference?Why would a venture capitalist insist on getting co-sale rights over founder’s stock sales?What is the difference between a right of first refusal and a co-sale right?Why would an investor insist on getting “drag along” rights?What are registration rights?

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Business Studies
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