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A valuable tool to resolve small valued disputes is through small claims court. Your assignment will be to prepare a small claims court complaint (SC 100) to be filed in Santa Clara County based on the fact pattern described on the next page. The links below include a PDF that you can complete on your computer and the print. Do not print the blank form and hand writeinformation on it. You will need to turn in a pdf of your completed Form SC 100 described above AND a typed summary describing the evidence you would bring with you to court. You can post these as two different files or together in a single file.There are many resources created by the local courts as well as the state government to help people file such claims. A few resources are listed below. As part of this assignment, DO NOT contact the Small Claims Advisor for any court to assist you with your assignment. Small Claims Advisors are only appropriate to contact for REAL cases.Useful Links:

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Business Studies
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