Business Process Costing scholarly activity

 For this assignment, you will explain managerial concepts as they pertain to business process costing. You will select a business process, describe the inputs and outputs, and define the job roles. In your paper, you will evaluate the current process effectiveness, estimate the cost of the process, and propose any improvements for management’s consideration. Be sure you have reviewed the assigned chapters and required unit resources on business process management.Instructions:Consider a business process using a firm with which you are familiar. Business processes include the following tasks:

developing and managing products and services,
marketing and selling products and services,
managing customer service,
developing and managing human capital, and
managing information technology.

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Business Process Costing scholarly activity
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Once you have identified the firm and business process, select, describe, and discuss the business process by elaborating on the following information:

what starts and what ends the process (inputs and outputs),
what roles (jobs) participate in the process (map them),
the effectiveness of the current process,
the cost of the process (document any assumptions), and
any improvements for management consideration.

Your paper should be written in a Word document and should be a minimum of three pages in length. You should include at least two resources to support your paper. Adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references. 


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