Business Plan

The project is development of a diabetes treatment center( DTC) to provide comprehensive diabetes care and education .The project serves to respond to population health needs assessment needs that identified high rate of diabetes in population   from different geographical regions especially those living at 200 percent or below of poverty level. St. Ann Diabetes Treatment Centre (DTC), is a non-profit community hospital whose objectives are to develop a new addition within the facility to provide education and care to their patients. The clinic specializes in offering Diabetes health care to populations in the community who are diagnosed with this illness. After the clinic completed assessments with the members in the surrounding population they discovered that it is a high rate of individuals with diabetes. DTC realized that 50% of the population is 200% of the poverty level. 

St. Anne Diabetes Treatment Center (DTC)  Business Plan

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Business Plan
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I. Executive Summary

II. Program Overview


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