Business models and unique resources and capabilities

Instructions are in the attached paper.The main book of the module is “Angwin, D. N., Johnson, G., Whittington, R., Regner, P. and Scholes, K. (2017), Exploring strategy (11th Edition)”

Critical evaluation of the following topic;

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Business models and unique resources and capabilities
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“Business models and unique resources and capabilities are seen as critical elements of the corporate strategy. Critically discuss how these elements impact the competitive advantage in a rapidly changing environment

You are required to conduct a literature review demonstrating that you have researched the viewpoint from all sides of the debate.

Research thought-starters only (not questions to be answered)
Explore what is meant by business model and unique resources and capabilities in the context of the corporate strategy?
What are the key areas being discussed in current literature?
Who are the key authors?
Why are business models and unique resources and capabilities important?
What are the benefits of an effective business model?
Why do some corporates find challenging to develop and deploy unique resources and high-level capabilities?
How do business models and unique resources and capabilities contribute to competitive advantages?

Basic details:

The length of the assignment is 2,000 words +/-10%. You will be penalized if it falls outside this boundary. The 2,000 words limit does not include the reference list. All sources used to support your arguments put forward should be listed at the end providing a reference list rather than a bibliography. In-text referencing and a reference list MUST be in Harvard Referencing Style.

Diagrams and tables could be used but they must be discussed and critiqued in the discussion.
Write the number of words used, excluding references, at the end of your assignment.

Provide the list of sources you used on the last page of your assignment with the proper label ‘References’. You may include diagrams, figures, etc. without word penalty. The number of words will be + or – 10% of the total words allowed.


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