Review your notes from Chapter 2, the readings, and the video and think about the tensions* discussed and debated at the Constitutional Convention such as:

Tension 1: how do you maintain majority rule while protecting the rights of the minority;
Tension 2: how do you balance the interests of small states vs. large states
Tension 3: how do you balance national power versus state and local power
Tension 4: how do you balance legislative power versus executive power
and, finally, Tension 5: how do you create a strong government that also protects civil liberties?

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Choose 3 articles below that look interesting to you and read them carefully.
Connect the content of the article to one of the tensions above and explain each in a paragraph (use examples from article and textbook) how the current example demonstrates that the same tensions on these issues still exist today.
Each paragraph should clearly identify the key tension and use examples from the text and the article to support your argument.

Article #1: California mulls adopting portions of despised Trump tax law

Source: (Links to an external site.)

(Links to an external site.)

PDF article #1

Article #2: Police reform efforts grind to a crawl in Congress

Source: (Links to an external site.)

PDF article #2

Article #3: Supreme Court Strikes Down Louisiana Abortion Law, With Roberts the Deciding Vote

Source: (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

PDF Article #3

Article #4: When the House and the Senate Are Controlled by Different Parties, Who Wins?

Source: (Links to an external site.)

PDF Article #4

Article #5: States May Curb ‘Faithless Electors,’ Supreme Court Rules

Source: (Links to an external site.)

PDF Article #5

American Politics Today. 6th Edition

Edition and writer of book?

Bianco, William T., and David T. Canon.

Ok what’s your budget and deadline?

ension paragraph 1
Matches correct article Provides explanation Grammar/Spelling Approximately 1-2 paragraphs
Uses examples from text and from article to make connection.

8.0 to >7.1 pts
Analysis is accurate: connects examples to philosophical debate and shows how constitutional debate connects to concept.

7.1 to >5.6 pts
Satisfactory to above average
Connection is more or less correct but writing is basic and concept is not clearly connected to real world example

5.6 to >4.0 pts
Below average
Writing is poorly written or not connected to concept well. No or limited examples. Not clear understanding.

4.0 to >0 pts
Clear student does not understand the concept or has not read text or articles closely. Connection is not clearl

just need to choose 3 article, write 3 paragraph


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