BUSI544 Week 7 Marketing Plan – Final – Indian Restaurant

Marketing Plan Report Format
· Cover Page: Must include the name of the business, your name, the course number and date submitted.
· Legal Page: Template is provided at the end of this document; fill in blanks and instructor will sign to ensure confidentiality.
· Table of Contents: Must include a complete listing of all report sections and appendices, and appropriately aligned page numbers
· Marketing Plan Content: Report must conform to the proper format. See outline below.
Marketing Plan Formatting
All MP submissions should conform to the following:
· Writing Style: First person (you are writing this marketing plan as though you will be presenting it to management in the organization)
· Font: Calibri, Arial, or Times New Roman; 12-point font size
· Margins: 1 inch left/right and top/bottom margins
· Spacing
· Single space the body of the report
· Double Space (1 blank) between paragraphs
· Triple Space (2 blank) between major headings and the first line of a new section 
· Headings
· Major Headings: Bolded, underlined 14pt type and left justified
· Secondary Headings: Bolded, underlined 12 pt type and left justified
· A minimum of three lines of copy at the bottom and top of pages
· Pagination
· Upper or lower right hand corner or center bottom, including landscaped pages
· Include page numbers of all appendices pages
· APA style citations
Marketing Plan Content Outline/Template
1.0  Executive Summary
2.0 Situational Analysis
2.1 Market Summary
2.1.1 Market Demographics Geographics Demographics Behavior Factors
2.1.2 Market Needs
 2.1.3 Market Trends
2.1.4 Market Growth Graph illustrating market trends and growth
2.2 SWOT Analysis
2.2.1 Strengths
2.2.2 Weaknesses
2.2.3 Opportunities
2.2.4 Threats
2.3 Competition
2.4 Product Offerings
2.5 Keys to Success 
2.6 Critical Issues
[NOTE: End of Situation Analysis]
3.0  Marketing Strategy
3.1 Mission
3.2 Marketing Objectives
3.3 Financial Objectives
3.4 Target Markets
3.5 Positioning
4.0 Marketing Tactics
4.1 Product
4.2 Pricing
4.4  Distribution
4.4 Communications
4.5 Marketing Research
5.0 Financials 
5.1 Break Even Analysis (Include chart; see Table 2.5 in Chapter 2 sample plan)
5.2  Sales Forecast (Include chart; see Table 2.6 in Chapter 2 sample plan)
5.3  Expense Forecast (Include chart; see Table 2.8 in Chapter 2 sample plan)
6.0 Controls – 
6.1 Implementation (Insert Table; see Table 2.7 in Chapter 2 sample plan)
6.2  Marketing Organization
6.3 Contingency Planning 
Difficulties and Risks
Worst Case Risks 
7.0 Appendices
Works Cited Page

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