BUSI 342 exam 2 latest/BUSI 342 exam 2 latest/BUSI 342 exam 2 latest

Question 1
1. Lumina Corporation began operations in 2015 with 4900 employees. During the first half of that year, the company did not see any attrition. Profits were high, and the training and orientation programs were efficient. New hiring continued at a healthy pace and by mid-year, the employee strength of the company was 5000. However, in the second half of that year, 200 employees were laid off, and no new hiring took place. The turnover rate at Lumina Corporation in 2015 was _____.
a. 50%
b. 2%
c. 4%
d. 25%
Question 2
1. Insufficient pay is one of the reasons that lead to employee turnover.
Question 3
1. Customer dissatisfaction is a direct cost of absenteeism.
Question 4
1. The performance-reward linkage described in the expectancy theory of motivation refers to 

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BUSI 342 exam 2 latest/BUSI 342 exam 2 latest/BUSI 342 exam 2 latest
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