BUS 257C Final Exam (100 questions)/BUS 257C Final Exam (100 questions)

1. The role of HR generalist is essentially limited to recruitment and selection.
2. A peer or manager who works closely with an employee to motivate him/her, help him/her develop skills, and provide reinforcement and feedback is known as a:
high-potential employee.

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3. The 1938 FLSA requires federal contractors to pay local or area prevailing wage rates.
4. Which of the following actions of employers can result in reverse discrimination?
Disparate treatment
Affirmative action
Reasonable accommodation
Disparate impact
5. The 360-degree feedback process:
breaks down formal communications about behaviors and skill ratings between employees and their internal and external customers.
demands very little time of the raters to complete the evaluations.
gives results that can be easily interpreted by anyone.
involves rating the individual in terms of work-related behaviors.
does not lead to any improvement in performance.
6. Note: This question will not be automatically graded.
It will be sent to your instructor for review.
What is job satisfaction? Mention some aspects of job satisfaction.
Job satisfaction is the level of gratification employees experience about their work, which can greatly affect the performance. It can be influenced by a person’s facility and ability to whole required tasks, the level of interaction in an organization, and the way management care for employees. In job satisfaction there are four important Job content, Job conditions, Job relations, and Job requisites.

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BUS 257C Final Exam (100 questions)/BUS 257C Final Exam (100 questions)
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