Bureaucracy Discussion

Bureaucracy Discussion (required).1. If you had to choose, which part of the federal bureaucracy would you like to work for? Why? Write about the rules of recruitment of federal bureaucrats. Why and how did the U.S. government switch from the Patronage (Spoils) system to the Merit system? What do you think is the difference between a government bureaucrat and a politician?Judiciary Discussion (required).2. Explain the concept of Judicial Review. How did the Supreme Court get the power of judicial review? Did the U.S. Constitution specifically designate the power of Judicial Review to the Supreme Court? How can one request the Supreme Court to accept and review a legal case? How does Supreme Court decide which case to accept for review? What does it mean “to have a standing” in a legal case? What happens if the Supreme Court’s decision results in a tie? Which national issue/debate do you think the U.S. Supreme Court needs to review in the near future?I need you to answer each question completely with details and the source site. Question number 1 answer carefully with detail over 200 words and cover everything that has been asked for. Question number 2 answer carefully with detail over 200 words and cover everything that has been asked for.”The source site separately for each question”Thank you

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Bureaucracy Discussion
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