Building Effective Teams

From Professor: Review the section on creating effective teams in Ch 19Answer these questions in your initial post:about you – which behaviors of “great team members” describe you, if any? Provide examples from your work experience. about you – which of those behaviors would you like to strengthen in your own skill set?about your workplace experience – which of those behaviors have you observed in other members of your team in your own workplace – and what areas for improvement would you like to see if members were falling short?about your workplace experience – If you were the team leader in your own workplace, what information would you draw from in the textbook to strengthen work teams that are not functioning optimally, such as “issues that affect team functioning?”From student: Hi, I have provided screenshots of my book, the topic is creating effective teams. You can make up scenarios to answer the questions and use basic issues that may arise at working in healthcare. Some examples I can give is, for instance question #1, you can write that a behavior that describes me is (from the reading) that I am an effective team player by practicing synergy. For synergy, you need to establish clear rules which my manager does and i make sure I follow them to achieve all goals established by my superior. Compassion is something I also have (doing best for the patient) these qualities are in the reading in the first screenshot you’ll see it. The second question which behavior would i like to strengthen you can write anything or write that I want to be a better active listener so that I can better lead and manage people who work below me like assistants. I want to understand their needs and what would make their shift go smoother and do it within my power. The other two questions you can take any good quality from the reading (screenshots ) and write about it. Thank you so much!!

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Building Effective Teams
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