BSC2347 Module 11 Final Exam Latest/BSC2347 Module 11 Final Exam Latest

QUESTION 1       
Semen contains all of the following substances, EXCEPT:
Prostate fluid
Seminal vesicle fluid
QUESTION 2       
Which statement is true of blood vessels?
All blood vessels have valves to prevent backflow.
The blood pressure of the arteries is lower than the blood pressure of the veins in a healthy person.
Capillaries are the only type of vessel that allow exchange of gases and nutrients.
The tunica media of veins is thicker than the tunica media of arteries.
QUESTION 3       
A vasectomy is a medical procedure where the epididymis is cut and the ends are cauterized to prevent the passage of sperm within the male reproductive system.
The cervix is technically part of the vagina.
QUESTION 5       
Which of the following statements is true about carbohydrates?
Carbohydrates are utilized as a secondary source of energy by the body.
Fiber is a highly digestible form of carbohydrates.
Complex carbohydrates are quickly absorbed by the digestive system and are commonly found in candy and soda.
Excess carbohydrate intake is stored within fat cells.

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BSC2347 Module 11 Final Exam Latest/BSC2347 Module 11 Final Exam Latest
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