Brochures and Poster Presentation

Topic is Air Quality in California or specifically central valley
Due to Covid-19, this semester our Poster and Brochure presentations will be conducted via zoom. Each of the 14 groups (not each student) should create a narrated poster using the template provided in the section “Modules- General Guidelines for Poster Presentations and Brochures.” The narrated poster should be maximum 3 minutes. I will show you an example of a narrated poster and a brochure during our class of Sept 23, 2021 so you can start working on this assignment.  
Once you have a final version of both (poster and brochure) I will be glad to meet with any group if you need further help with applying the readability formulas to your brochures and posters. 
Make sure to include in your brochure a description of the readability formula you used and the results (i.e. readability level of your brochure). Don’t forget to include the names of the members of the group in your brochure and your poster.
* The narrated posters must be completed in Power Point (not PDF or Word). I am attaching a template that you can use to create your poster.   
The posters and brochures should include information on statistics and programs in the Central Valley related to the selected topic.

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Brochures and Poster Presentation
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