Book Review: Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling by McMinn

login to access the book is at mwoods39@liberty.edupassword: NAte020418! if that doesn’t work password may be: Malohi020418!this book is authored by McMinnPlease see attached documents for template, grading rubric, and instructions. McMinn will be the only source (reference) for this paper. Paper should be 5 pages (not including title and reference page). Assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.Book Review: McMinn Grading RubricCriteriaLevels of AchievementContent 70%AdvancedProficientDevelopingBelow ExpectationsNot PresentSummary23 to 25 points Summary includes elements from the “Proficient” column but adds detail that indicates a thorough understanding of main points along with supporting information. Summary indicates a high level of understanding of the book. 21 to 22 points Summary is at least 1 page (needs to be reasonably complete) and contains a concise, insightful, and adequately complete synopsis.Summary identifies the absolute core ideas of the entire book. 19 to 20 points Some of the main points of the book are identified. Summary indicates a moderate level of understanding. 1 to 18 points Summary clearly deviates from the elements in the “Proficient” column. 0 pointsNot presentPersonal Reflection10 points Student addresses elements under the “Proficient” column but does so with exceptional insight and demonstration of very thoughtful reading. 9 points Personal Reflection is approximately 1 page and contains identification of concepts that personally resonated with student.Content based on the main points (not tangential ideas) and draws on the summary.8 points Student demonstrates minimal understanding of concepts in book. 1 to 7 points Student broadly deviates from elements mentioned in “Proficient” column. 0 pointsNot presentAnalysis10 points Student demonstrates the elements listed in the “Proficient” column but do so with exceptional insight and demonstration of highly thoughtful reading. Contains clear and strong elements of critique. 9 points Analysis is approximately 1 page (or more if needed) and contains critical critique following the prompts in the instructions. Includes explanation of points student found unique, difficult, etc., following the directions.8 points Student meets some of the requirements listed in the “Proficient” column. 1 to 7 points Student deviates in several ways from the requirements listed in the “Proficient” column. 0 pointsNot presentApplication23 to 25 points Student meets the requirements listed in the “Proficient” column. In addition, student demonstrates excellent insight in applying McMinn’s concepts in a typical human services setting and provides strong explanation of the applications along with well-explained justification for choosing those concepts. 21 to 22 points Application is approximately 1 page or more and contains explanation of a human services counseling setting to which student can l apply McMinn’s concepts. Narrative describes  how student will apply at least five main ideas to counseling.  Narrative explains challenges student may face in applying McMinn’s concepts to the proposed  counseling setting. 19 to 20 points Student meets some of the requirements listed in the “Proficient” column.1 to 18 points Content fails to meet many of the requirements listed in the “Proficient” column. 0 pointsNot presentStructure 30%AdvancedProficientDevelopingBelow ExpectationsNot PresentWriting Organization and Clarity19 to 20 points Student demonstrates “professional writing” as mentioned under the “Proficient” column and described by DCCC. Beyond that, writing is superb with excellent flow of ideas and is totally free of errors. 17 to 18 points Student demonstrates “professional writing” as defined by DCCC. This would include proper sentence construction, paragraph organization, transitions, and logical flow of ideas.16 pointsPaper exhibits some writing that would not be considered “professional” and has some basic writing errors. 1 to 15 points Paper significantly deviates from the requirements mentioned in the “Proficient” column. 0 pointsNot presentWriting Mechanics and Formatting10 pointsPaper is totally free of mechanical errors and follows APA fully. 9 points Student largely follows APA for formatting, citations, use of quotes, etc. Paper is largely free of mechanical errors.8 points Paper exhibits a number of mechanical and APA errors. 1 to 7 points Paper exhibits numerous deviations from the elements mentioned in the Proficient column. 0 pointsNot present

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Book Review: Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling by McMinn
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