Book for Children on FOOD WASTE

 Write a children’s book on FOOD WASTE 
The book must include: 
a.   At least three characters; 
b.   A conflict or plot; 
c.    Reflect the research you did on your issue – You may wish to directly cite and reference the research that i will attach, to explain a concept from the research to your reader, but your book should be teaching and telling the research to the reader. This is the meat of the grade. 
d.   Teach the reader about the issue without being preachy
e.   Be at least 1000 words over 12 pages; and 
f. Have at least eight illustrations of your own generation (you draw! – either electronically or by hand and scan) (1000 words + 8 picture illustrations will be 12pages without the work cited page)
 g.   You may draw on ipads using Adobe Sketch or Draw, or any other drawing app, or you may draw by hand – totally up to you.
h.   You will publish it as one document and upload it as a PDF.  
i.You may not write about cleaning the beach, or the playground, or the ocean — this is not to be a story about a kid rallying his friends to clean the earth. This plot should tell a story and teach the research. 
Must be in MLA 8TH Format, double spaces
Link for design 
Attached are the resources and a sample of what the book should look like

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Book for Children on FOOD WASTE
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