Steps for lab assignment: 1. First things first: Find some research to support your question. 
Conduct a brief literature review and find two peer-reviewed journal articles that relate to the concept you are investigating. 
List the title of each article and answer the following questions about each article: 
1) What was the purpose of the study? 
2) What did the authors hypothesize
3) What was the population of interest? 
4) What were the variables of interest?
 5) What did the study find? (was the hypothesis supported) 
6) What conclusions were made? 
2. Develop your research question based on what you’ve learned. 
3. Record your data (video, pocketlabs, vertical jump, etc.). 
4. Use a combination of technology and learned information to analyze the movement according to your research question.
5. Provide photos, screenshots, or video stills of any particular areas of interest. If you calculate anything, show your work. 
6. Write up your results in abstract format. Try to maintain scientific tone and keep the abstract thorough, yet concise.

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