biology (psychology)

The Effects of Traumatic Experiences (Choose your Format)
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Objective: Apply a current community event to lifespan human growth and development
Possible Points: 75
Traumatic experiences can happen in childhood, adolescences, and adulthood. Many individuals experience the death of a loved one due to suicide, drug over dose, long-term illness, or an unexpected accident. When these unfortunate events happen, many experience grief on top of trauma (traumatic bereavement). Choose one of the following topics, access the TCC Library databaseLinks to an external site. and select an appropriate peer reviewed article. Read the article and summarize your findings. You may also search any other web resources such as webpages and video; however, this assignment requires a peer reviewed article as well. Please review the rubric, so you can earn as many points as possible. 
Potential Topics:

Trauma & Suicide
Trauma & Drug Overdose
Trauma & Long-term Illness
Trauma & Unexpected Accidents
Trauma & Homicide
Trauma & ____________ (you can choose another area)

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biology (psychology)
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Incorporate the following in your summary:

Summarize your findings from the peer reviewed article (paragraph/slide 1)
Describe how trauma effects the brain? (paragraph/slide 2)
Describe how trauma effects the body? (paragraph/slide 3)
Describe the potential long-term effects of trauma, if gone untreated (Last paragraph/slide) 

This assignment requires citations and references. You may upload a Word document, slide presentation (Power Point or Prezi), or an audio/video link. APA CITATION


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