Read this New York Times article by author James Gorman which will introduce you to the idea of DIY biology. After reading it proceed with the activities below.

Part 1: Using your understanding of DNA technology and evolution, summarize changes that would need to take place in order to create organisms such as the Jabberjay and mockingjay.
Part 2: Conduct further research into the idea of DIY biology and genetic engineering. Briefly summarize your findings and provide a specific bioengineering example. Cite references using MLA format.
Part 3: State your opinion of the DIYbio movement and whether you believe government regulation or publishing restrictions should be put into place. Why or why not? Provide specific evidence and a logical argument to support your opinion. Simply stating you ‘feel’ or ‘believe’ something is insufficient justification.
should be prepared and cited using MLA format. Submit your final work as a single document.

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