Benchmark – Situation Analysis Presentation On Ikea

The purpose of this assignment is to create a presentation that  synthesizes and analyzes research conducted on the team’s selected  company to determine optimal strategic alternatives.
Create a  10-12 slide PowerPoint presentation that highlights the research and  analysis you have conducted throughout this course,  regarding how your selected company’s  external and internal environments influence or affect its strengths,  weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Speaker notes should be included  for each slide.   this will be on IKEA 
For guidance in creating an effective strategic  profile and case analysis, refer to Table 1 in the Case Studies section  of the textbook.
Use the following outline to structure your presentation:
1. Strategic Profile and Case Analysis Purpose
2. Situation Analysis: (a) General Environmental Analysis  – Focus on the trends in the seven segments of the general environment  and predict which segments you expect to have the most significance to  your company in coming years; (b) Industry Analysis –  Reference the five forces of competition model to judge the  attractiveness of the industry (or segment of the industry) in which  your company is competing; (c) Competitor Analysis – Identify your competitor’s strategies so your company can learn to predict their responses; (d) Internal Analysis – Analyze your company’s value chain to assess the organization’s overall strengths and weaknesses.
3. SWOT Analysis  (Environmental Opportunities and Threats and Firm Strengths and  Weaknesses) – How will the findings identified in the Situation Analysis  enable the company to maximize its strengths and capitalize on  advantageous opportunities while minimizing its weaknesses and evading  environmental threats?
4. Strategy Formulation  – Synthesize the results of your Situation and SWOT Analysis to develop  alternatives that make use of environmental opportunities while  avoiding environmental threats. Evaluate which alternative is the best  option and defend the selection: (a) strategic alternatives, (b)  alternative evaluation, and (c) alternative choice.
5. Strategic Alternative Implementation  – Design your proposed implementation of the chosen strategy. Consider  and evaluate a variety of potentially critical implementation issues:  (a) action items and (b) action plan.

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Benchmark – Situation Analysis Presentation On Ikea
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