BD 400 words

Primary Task Response  400 words: The important part of networking is building relationships. Those relationships can lead to career advice and opportunities. There are many ways to network online and offline.
Networking has changed with the rise of social media and the ability to connect online. LinkedIn is the largest professional networking organization in the world. Top companies and recruiters use this site to find candidates for positions, and current professionals join organizations and display their skills through dynamic pages. Individuals can network with one another, conduct research on companies they are interested in working for, and apply for jobs. You can even join groups, such as the Colorado Technical University Students, Alumni, and Faculty networking group, to build your network.
Begin by exploring in-person and online ways in which you can network:

In-person methods (e.g., conferences, career fairs, volunteering, or anyone you meet throughout your daily routine) 
Online methods (e.g., LinkedIn, Webinars, Facebook groups, Meetup, and so on)

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BD 400 words
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Share your experience on the Discussion Board: Write a reflection of your research and/or experiences networking. Address the following topics:

Identify at least 1 online method and 1 in-person method for networking.
Discuss the advantages of each of the approaches to networking that you identified above.
Discuss how you plan to use networking to improve your own career development or career goals, and provide examples of how you plan to use your online and in-person networking methods.

Reading and Learning Materials
Use the following resources to help you complete this assignment:

What is LinkedIn?

What is LinkedIn? Watch this short video for more information!

How to Use LinkedIn for Beginners

Watch this short video on how to build a LinkedIn profile.

The Importance of Personal Branding

Watch this short video on how to create a professional brand.

10 Reasons Why Networking Is Essential for Your Career

Read this article to learn more about how to network.

How to Master Non-Awkward, Effective, In-Person Networking

Read this article and watch the video for how to network effectively in-person.


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