Assistive Technology

Read and summarize articles that address the use of technology with students that have exceptionalities (Those with disabilities, with gifts, or both). These articles may come from a variety of sources, but must address the use of technology with students that have exceptionalities. The reading assignment will be graded on the quality and detail provided in the article and the article summary as well as the reasoning used to support your reaction statement.Article Quality Requirement: (See “Activity Schedule” for due dates for article reviews). Please add the designated web link to each article as well.) Please adhere to the article review requirements listed below for all other article submissions. Because of the fast pace of technology changes in education, for credit, technology articles must be peer reviewed and less than three (3) years old. Article Review Details: Article reviews are to be a total of two (2) pages; single spaced (or 4 pages double spaced), and typed in size 12 font. Include the following information:Provide title and author of the article at the top of the pageProvide a web link to the article directly below the article citationWrite a thorough, summary of the article (approx. 1 page, single spaced or 2 pages double spaced) andGive your reaction to the article (approx. 1 page, single spaced or 2 pages double spaced). Your reaction statement should include:Why you selected this articleHow the article relates or may relate to your role as an educator working with students who have special needs.Explain implications or application of the ideas in the article to your current educational position. Provide details and/or examples to support your reaction statement. Other grading factors include: Article must be “peer reviewed.”The article’s publication date must be less than three years old.

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Assistive Technology
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