For this assignment, you need to create a business proposal (this is in a letter/proposal format not in an essay format) to management arguing for the company to dump dead stock in your warehouse. You will need to demonstrate the impact of the K Factor and create an inventory analysis report listing. (Refer to Exhibit 2-8 and 2-9 in Chapter 2).

1. List or create at least 3 dead stock items (give them names, can be real or fake)

2. Demonstrate the impact of carry costs on your existing dead stock through the K Factor.

3. Create an inventory analysis report listing of the dead stock.

4. Report your findings in a persuasive proposal to your corporate office. Include both the K Factor diagram and the inventory analysis report in your memo and a proposed method of removing the inventory.

1. Paper should include a cover page
2. Paper should be a minimum of two written pages
3. Paper should include a reference page & in-text citations referencing your course text-book and any other outside research you deem necessary to make your argument stronger.
4. You may either create hypothetical inventory (i.e. widgets) with fabricated numbers, or you can use actual stock from your current company.
5. Please use Times New Roman font – 12 point.
6. Proper English, writing styles, grammar, and spelling will be expected and heavily graded.

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