Assignment 4: The Anthropocene Epoch, Human Impacts

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The Anthropocene: Human Impacts on the Environment
In this assignment, you will open the link below and participate in a “Click and Learn” Activity.
You may begin by clicking on each impact topic link in the left vertical menu. A description of man’s influence or impact on each category is explained.
Next, put a check mark next to a topic to see what changes will occur.  After each check mark, a graph will show at the bottom of the screen.  The more diagram clicks, the greater the number of human changes are added, and the more graphs show at the bottom.
Your assignment:
Select 3 human impacts you are most interested in learning about.
For each impact category, discuss the following information (you should have 3 sets of these questions):
a. Describe how the human impact you selected affects that ecosystem. For example, how does human activities affect forests, etc?
b. Summarize some of the quantitative (graph) data that provide evidence of humans’ impact on the ecosystem. Discuss, if any, any interaction between or among impact categories.
c. Describe specific types of evidence people should look for in their own ecosystem to determine whether humans are changing their local environment.
d. Describe what you can do as an individual to limit your impact.
You may complete the assignment using these directions, or download the word document attached, which has the same directions.  
Attach your assignment submission. It must be a single document, either in word (.doc, .docx) or pdf format. You may add your work to the bottom of the assignment document, or create your own.

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Assignment 4: The Anthropocene Epoch, Human Impacts
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