Assignment 4 Compare and Contrast Helping Professions

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You will submit the finalized assignment in this Module.
Social and human services assistants often work collaboratively with other helping professionals to provide wrap-around services for clients in need and to later evaluate how well the services worked for the client. Such complex tasks require that each person understands the knowledge base and scope of responsibility for each of the other professionals on the team. By “professional” we mean someone who possesses technical or advanced knowledge of a field and who complies with an agreed-upon set of ethical standards. Advanced knowledge usually means that the professional has pursued post-secondary education and has a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree. Also, many states monitor competency standards, which require that individuals pass a licensure exam to practice. Examples of such professions include nursing, medicine, law, therapy, teaching, and counseling. Other fields offer credentialing as a way of measuring competency, which may help in finding employment but is not legally required. Professionals organize themselves into groups referred to as “associations” or “organizations” that hold national and regional-level meetings so that members can present papers and research and network with one another. The association or organization also represents the political interests of the members by lobbying state and federal legislators.
To help build your competency in understanding the requirements and duties of other helping professions, you will write a well-developed, 1500-word report that compares and contrasts Social and Human Services Assistants with any two of the following professions: Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists, School Counselors, or Psychologists. Your essay should describe and discuss responsibilities or duties, education for entry-level and advanced work, professional standards and competencies (including ethical standards, licensure, or credentialing requirements), and typical work settings. This assignment also helps you develop the ability to synthesize information from diverse sources in a consistent manner.
Be sure to use an active voice and a professional style of writing. Do not use slang, contractions, or conversational language for this paper. Use APA style for formatting, organization, citations, and references.
We have provided a template for you that will help you with general APA requirements for margins, font, title page, citations, and references-APA Word Document Template. Download APA Word Document Template.
Below is a list of required resources for this paper. These resources are valid and credible sources of information about helping professions and occupations. You must use all three sources in the paper.
Required Sources for Assignment
Source 1: The Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Handbook
Note: We have located web pages for each profession using The Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Handbook web pages. You must select each of the web page tabs at the top of each profession’s web page to learn more about the profession: What They Do; Work Environment, and How to Become One.
Social and Human Services Assistants (Links to an external site.)
Social Workers (Links to an external site.)
Marriage and Family Therapists (Links to an external site.)
School and Career Counselors (Links to an external site.)
Psychologists (Links to an external site.)
Source 2: The National Organization for Human Services
Note: We have located web pages for each profession using the national association for each of the professions. You must explore the national association website for more information about the professions you selected.
What is Human Services? (Links to an external site.)
Types of Social Work Degrees (Links to an external site.)
About Marriage and Family Therapy (Links to an external site.)
The Role of the School Counselor (Links to an external site.)
All About Clinical Psychology (Links to an external site.)
Source 3: O-Net OnLine
Note: O-Net OnLine is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor/Employment and Training Administration (USDOL/ETA).
Social and Human Services Assistants summary report (Links to an external site.)
Child, Family, and School Social Workers summary report (Links to an external site.)
Marriage and Family Therapists summary report (Links to an external site.)
Educational, Guidance, School, and Vocational Counselors summary report (Links to an external site.)
Clinical Psychologists summary report

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