Assignment 2: Conditioning Pape

The full description of learning objectives, instructions, and a grading rubric are available here: Assignment 2 Conditioning Proposal 
Download Assignment 2 Conditioning Proposal.
Use your Assignment 2 Outline as a starting point for this paper, and be sure to make necessary corrections from my outline feedback. Then follow the instructions to write the paper. At the bottom of this Carmen page, you can see the detailed rubric I will use for grading. Make sure every item on that rubric is addressed in your paper. 
APA citation formatting requirements can be found below and are described in full here: APA formatting (Links to an external site.)

Double spaced, 1 inch margins, 2 page minimum to 3 page maximum (only includes Introduction, Methods, and Expected Results), Title page, Abstract page, and Reference page DO NOT count toward the page count.
In-text citations should come at the end of a sentence when you are describing or defining a a term from the textbook. The in-text citation looks like this (Cacioppo & Freberg, 2019, p. student adds page or section numbers here).
Full text citation goes at the end of the paper and looks like this:

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Assignment 2: Conditioning Pape
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Cacioppo, J. T. & Freberg, L. A. (2019). Discovering Psychology: The science of mind (3rd Edition). Boston, MA: Cengage. 
If you correctly cite our textbook, it should be marked as similar in the plagiarism review because you did it right! If it isn’t marked as similar, then you did something wrong and need to correct the citation. 


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