assignment 2

first watch the video and read/review the linked PDF document “How to READ a Scientific Paper” by Michael Fosmire.  This document has “controls” and a menu that guide you through the document (just give a quick overview of how to read each section of a scientific paper).Link to Lesson resource document: How to READ a Scientific PaperB. Next: You will use the knowledge you gained in the first step to review a scientific paper you have chosen from the following resource:American Psychological Association – Free APA Journals Articles (Links to an external site.)On the left side of the page, you can select a tab to see numerous articles for various psychological research categories; chose any paper that interest you.  See topic list illustration below:Write a short written responses paper reflecting your experience of reviewing a scientific paper that addresses the following:

Title of paper reviewed:
What did the author(s) describe as the motivation and importance of performing the research conducted?
List reasons why reading scientific papers related to your studies is a good idea:
Explain the main “reading techniques” to use in reviewing a scientific paper:
Identify the main parts of the paper you reviewed:
After you reviewed the paper, did you feel the author(s) had adequately supported their conclusions (why or why not).
Identify the most important points you learned from this assignment.

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assignment 2
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D. Provide a correctly APA formatted reference citation for the article you reviewed.


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