1.Title: The Storm by Kate Chopin 
Based on the short story, sexual desire as a theme seems to dominate. Both Calixta and Alcée’s marriages lack the passion of the relationship between the two women. It’s the calm of Alcée’s presence that calms Calixta down during the storm. Rekindling her desire for Alcée, Alcée embraces her after a lightning strike hits a chinaberry tree “A lightning bolt struck a large chinaberry tree on the outskirts of the farm. Even as they stood there, they were blinded by its blinding light; it was as if it had invaded the very boards they were standing on.” As the storm intensifies, Calixta’s desire for sex appears to be directly linked to it. Narrator bias is non-existent throughout the story. This is a great way to leave the morality of the characters’ actions open to interpretation (Chopin, 1898). In this case, the story’s focus is less on the ethics of the situation and more on the actions of the protagonists in the present. If the narrator had expressed an opinion, the story might have been interpreted differently by the audience.
3.Literary elements
One of literary elements that can be discussed is the plot where the story is based on a store where violent storms begin. The story also covers Bobinot’s house where the wife Calixta does the sewing at.
Another literary element to be discussed is symbolism where the story uses certain traits to represent certain conduct or identity. For instance, there is the use of sewing as a symbol of a typical housewife.
Thirdly, narrative point of view as a literary element is evident where the narrator stays in a position of no-bias in conveying the message to the reader of the story.

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