Choose and respond to one of the following prompts 

China: What can and should the United States intelligence community do to change its focus given the real and growing threat of Chinese counterintelligence operations and cyber hacking against the U.S. and our partners?  You must also address how China has strategically allied itself with and provided financial aid to countries who oppose the United States, and how they could potentially utilize the debt imposed on these countries to endanger US national security interests.

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North Korea: What economic, political, and humanitarian issues in the country of North Korea have made it a danger to US intelligence interests? Please ensure that you address the concerns with North Korea’s growing military and nuclear capabilities, foreign intervention in the country, and the Kim family’s lack of willingness to cooperate with international treaties.

The assignment should be using the APA Do not include works in your references that are not cited. Your entire assignment MUST be in APA format Failure to use APA is an automatic 4 points off your assignment grade.
You will be submitting your assignment through Turnitin
Under no circumstances should you be using Wikipedia or similar web sites as a reference for your assignment. This includes any website that allows for community editing of information (a wiki). However, you may visit Wikipedia, etc. to find other sources and references to use.


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