Answer ONLY from the assigned chapters and NO outside sources!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 10

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1. What physiological/morphological changes occur to the spermatid during each phase of differentiation?

2. In detail, describe the cycle of seminiferous epithelium.

3. How is spermatozoal viability judged?

Chapter 11

1. What is the flehmen response? Why is it important for reproduction?

2. Understand the influence steroid exposure to a growing fetus in utero would have on postpubescent reproductive behavior.

3. Biochemically, how is an erection achieved?

Chapter 12

1. How does semen deposition within the female reproductive tract vary among species?

2. How is semen lost once inside the female tract?

3. What is the difference between the rapid and sustained transport phases?

4. What are the two types of cervical mucus? Which types aids in semen transport to the site of fertilization?

5. What is capacitation? Why is it important for fertility?

6. What is the cortical reaction?

7. Why is decondensation important for pronuclei formation?

8. What is superfecundation?

Chapter 13

1. What are the four steps that must be achieved before an embryo can successfully attach to the uterus?

2. Define the following terms: conceptus, fetus, fetus, syngamy, zygote, blastomere, blastocyst, and morula.

3. What are the four extraembryonic membranes and how are each formed?

4. What is Maternal Recognition of Pregnancy? Specifically, what does it do? How does this differ amongst species?

5. What is superovulation?

6. What is hCG? What is its mechanism of action?


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