Here is where you will submit your summative assessment report.   Some of it should already be completed on your Formative Assessment Report.  You will add to the results and complete the plan based on what you actually did in the Tutoring sessions  
A few pointers as you complete the report:

For the Easy CBM results, give CWPM (correct words per minute) and GE (grade equivalent) in the descriptive analysis.  Make sure to also list which versions you gave.  Ex: 3.1
Use professional, formal writing in your analysis.
When completing the ILP chart, list the research-based strategy you are using. 
Remember you will focus on your student’s identified weaknesses in your ILP, but you must include something that addresses each of the 5 components of reading in your plan.   This could be a quick opening activity or review or be part of the bigger lesson.  You will list each component addressed in the session on the last column of the chart for the summative.  Make sure to include an objective and assessment for it if you are listing it as addressed in the lesson.
For any section on the form that is not applicable to your student, you can simply write N/A in that section. For example, it may not have been appropriate for you to complete the MCRC if working with a younger student.  Or, the following are only included on the Upper Elementary Spelling Inventory: Reduced Vowels in Unaccented Syllables, Greek and Latin Elements, Assimilated Prefixes, and Feature Points, and you would just write N/A in those columns.
Leave formative information in the summative report. Add to the results and analyses with summative when applicable.
List the pre and post-test dates on the summative.
Remove all of the directions from the report before saving to submit.

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You will take my work that’s already completed and fill it out and put it in the new uploaded template, you will then add more referring to the instructors directions for the assignment. This assignment needs to be completed by early 12ish central time.
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