Assessing Your Strategic Leadership Capacity and Potential

Project 1: Assessing Your Strategic Leadership Capacity and PotentialStep 3: Reflect on Your Leadership DevelopmentDeveloping your career, managing others, and becoming a leader begins with self-examination. An individual must first develop an accurate view of his or her own interests, values, skills, limitations, and preferences in order to make career choices and advance their career. A research-based relationship between personal effectiveness, career, and leadership development quickly emerges.This step will provide the necessary knowledge to initiate a personal effectiveness and career development plan. The process will enhance your development plan by providing you with the opportunity to use a personality assessment tool as a resource to gain a better understanding of yourself. Finally, you will be able to incorporate these insights in your Week 11 LDP Reflections Summary.The following readings and the assessment tool will allow you to achieve several objectives:Personal Effectiveness—This resource will increase your knowledge of self-awareness as a driver of personal effectiveness and the relationship between personal effectiveness and leadership.Personality Assessments—This resource will help you understand the utility of personality assessments.Proceed to the discussion CliftonStrengths Overview and Instructions for taking the CliftonStrengths assessment.The CliftonStrengths (formerly StrengthsQuest) assessment has been under continuous development for more than three decades. The major construct underpinning the assessment is that each individual has a set of core strengths that correlate to career growth, personal effectiveness, job satisfaction, and personal fulfillment.Aside from the benefits that accrue to individuals who are conversant with their strengths and how to best use them, CliftonStrengths is useful to teams by indicating the strengths each team member can contribute to facilitate the achievement of team goals and projects.During this week, participate in the Class Discussion on CliftonStrengths so that you can share your results and gain a deeper and fuller understanding of your unique strengths, as identified by the CliftonStrengths assessment. Moreover, as part of the project plan required for Project 4 later in the term, a CliftonStrengths team members grid must be completed. The team members grid is used to identify the strengths each team member can contribute.In Week 11, you will submit an LDP reflections summary and gap reflections summary. As you conclude Project 1, think about what you learned during the course of this project. In your reflections, you will be asked to consider the impact of self-awareness on your career goals and leadership development, as well as the influence of taking an assessment, reading about other assessments, and participating in a week-long personal assessment discussion.When you have finished the readings and the Class Discussion on CliftonStrengths, proceed to Step 4, where you will complete your final skills gap analysis.Step 4Project 1: Assessing Your Strategic Leadership Capacity and PotentialStep 4: Complete Final Gap Analysis/Gap ReflectionIn this project, you have had the opportunity to create two different, yet complementary, development plans. The first was the leadership development plan, which focused primarily on those behavioral competencies that would enable you to develop skills to achieve your career goals and assume leadership responsibilities as a professional in your field. The second was the skills gap analysis, which focused primarily on specific task-driven skills that you could improve with the intention to meet predetermined goals. These skills were especially relevant to the four course projects, future MBA projects, and the achievement of your career and leadership aspirations.To measure your progress on the skill gaps you identified earlier in the course as being integral to your personal leadership effectiveness, you are encouraged to reflect on your progress in developing those skills. With this in mind, complete the following steps:Complete your final MBA 610 skills gap analysis using the same instrument you completed in Week 1. In other words, you are updating the preliminary skills gap analysis.Students, not required to submit a corrected preliminary Gap Table, can submit an updated preliminary Gap Table. Changes made to the preliminary Gap Table should be highlighted in bold print and the updated GAP Table submitted in the project’s dropbox.In the dropbox located in the last step of this project, post a copy of your final MBA 610 skills gap analysis, including a reflection summary of between 500 and 750 words on the lessons you learned and the progress you made toward reducing the gaps identified in your preliminary skills gap analysis. The reflection summary should identify and briefly discuss the skill gaps that require further development and how that development would occur in the MBA program and throughout your career. Students are expected to use and properly cite the project’s course readings that support the major points in their Gap Reflection.Remember, career and leadership development is an ongoing process that will continue well beyond receipt of your MBA. You are encouraged to assume responsibility for this process.When you have submitted your final skills gap analysis and reflection summary, continue to Step 5, where you will complete your final LDP.step 5Project 1: Assessing Your Strategic Leadership Capacity and PotentialStep 5: Complete Final LDP/LDP ReflectionThis project step has considerable significance. It provides you with a unique opportunity to evaluate the impact of the course, your personality assessment, and the individual readings on your long-term career and leadership goals.In this step, complete the following requirements:Include a reflection summary of between 500 and 750 words detailing the insights you gained from the assessments, discussions, feedback, group activities, and course readings that will facilitate the achievement of your SMART goal, career aspirations, and short-term developmental skills progress. Also explain what actions you intend to take based on these insights. Students are expected to use and properly cite the project’s course readings that support the major points in their LDP Reflection.After you write your reflection summary, make any modifications needed for your final LDP submission. Place in bold print on the final LDP any areas that changed between your preliminary LDP submission and your final LDP submission.Use the dropbox in the last step of this project to submit a copy of your final LDP and reflection summary to the appropriate assignment folder.We trust that the development of an LDP and the acknowledgement of your short term skills development needs will result in the achievement of your long-term career goal.KEY NOTE: My Assessment resultsEmmanuel BonsuTOP 5 ALL 34skip Strengths HelixCliftonStrengths Assessment ResultsTweet Your CliftonStrengthsTwitter Email Your CliftonStrengths ReportEmail1.FuturisticPeople exceptionally talented in the Futuristic theme are inspired by the future and what could be. They energize others with their visions of the future.2.BeliefPeople exceptionally talented in the Belief theme have certain core values that are unchanging. Out of these values emerges a defined purpose for their lives.3.CommunicationPeople exceptionally talented in the Communication theme generally find it easy to put their thoughts into words. They are good conversationalists and presenters.4.StrategicPeople exceptionally talented in the Strategic theme create alternative ways to proceed. Faced with any given scenario, they can quickly spot the relevant patterns and issues.5.ResponsibilityPeople exceptionally talented in the Responsibility theme take psychological ownership of what they say they will do. They are committed to stable values such as honesty and loyalty.CLASS DISCUSSION:Hi Class,These are the results after taking the CliftonStrengths Assessment.FuturisticBeliefCommunicationStrategicResponsibilityThese are my picks before the assessment.StrategicLearnerHarmonyCommunicationConsistencyYes, I was surprised by any of the strengths because I didn’t know what will be the outcome form the assessment. I took time to read all the 34 strengths before picking my first five, and I got two correct. I chose two strengths for myself. After the assessment, yes, I feel the assessment is correct but not generally. Reading and understanding the questions, most of the strengths match.It is more like what I naturally do every day based on how I did the assessment. This means what I am talented at. Therefore, the assessment will help me market my talent theme in my job search. Even though it is an assessment, it shows you what you can do and how to put them into practice since I am already in the field.Emmanuel Bonsu.Filter by:|Clear filtersShow:ThreadedView profile card for Murray Blank Murray BlankApril 20 at 8:56 AMHi, Emmanuel,Good morning, Athule,Thanks for your candid discussion of your Clifton results.I noticed that all of your major strengths were clustered in three of the four major categories – none in Relationship Building. Does that mean anything do your think? If so, what and why?Prof. BView profile card for Emmanuel Bonsu Emmanuel BonsuApril 22 at 1:28 AMHi Professor B,For my first five picks before the assessment, I picked one relationship building which is “Harmony” and it was third on my list. I did pick harmony because I am a team player and I strongly believe in teamwork. During the assessment, most of my responses were strongly agreed with most of the relationship building. I don’t really know why the final results from the assessment didn’t have any of the relationship buildings. Thank you.EmmanuelView profile card for Murray Blank Murray BlankApril 22 at 2:51 PMEmmanuel,The Clifton instrument is certainly not absolutely scientific! It’s something to cause us to think about ourselves and how we are.Prof. B

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Assessing Your Strategic Leadership Capacity and Potential
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