assess your own receptivity to change and innovation

FROM PROFESSOR: First, assess your own receptivity to change and innovation, Table 18.2. Next, post your views on areas for your own growth (the “no” answers) and ask for input from your group members on strategies you can use to strengthen those areas in your career. In the discussion, comment on the principles of change implementation (Box 18.4) that you have observed in your own organization (or a prior workplace) and the relative effectiveness of those leaders who led the change initiative. Which attributes of those leaders would you like to have in your own skill set?FROM STUDENT: Hi, this is a short discussion post. Please review the two screenshots I have attached. First one is me answering the quesitons in the box, you can make up some “no” answers as if I’m “not receptive to change” and write how I want to improve that by being more open minded and changing habits.For the second question, please look at the chart and you can make up that my leaders were any of those attributes during a change at my workplace and how i want to pursue having those qualities as well. For example, I work in a nursing home and we discovered that showering patients late in the day (3pm-11pm nurse shift) caused them to be cold and get sick more so we switched showering to 7am-3pm shift ONLY. but that means more strain on those nurse assistants. So my managements supported this. (box 18.4) says administrators and key personel support change. you can write management made sure there are extra nurses to meet the needs of all the showers, nurses get 10 min breaks in between a few showers, the front desk receptionists are delegated to answer phones in the meantime, etc. “the recepeints of change identify there is a problem” in the box 18.4 can be used by saying nurses saw their patients cold and got complaints from family that they are cold/sick/hair is not drying/etc. THANK YOU!

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assess your own receptivity to change and innovation
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