Articles of Confederation

1. List and discuss the shortcomings and advantages of the new government created under the Articles of Confederation. What ideas and sentiments underlined the design of the Articles of Confederation? Give specific descripion of the system of government created by the Articles. Why did the Founding Fathers decide to review and even replace the document? How different was the new Constitution from the Articles of Confederation? Be specific in identifying the new features introduced by the new Constitution. If you had been at the Convention, would you have approved the new Constitution or supported the initial Articles of Confederation? Why? 200 words 2. Compare and contrast the two classic definitions of democracy – participatory and representative democracies. Discuss Aristotle’s definition of democracy. Give one example of how direct/participatory democracy works.What are the key parts of Schumpeter’s definition of democracy? Give one example of how Schumpeter’s representative democracy works.Which of the two types of democracy did the majority of the Founding Fathers favor – representative/indirect or participatory/direct?Which form of democracy do you think is the best fit for the needs of the United States? Why? Explain your answer. What form of democracy are we practicing in the United States on the federal level, and in California on the state level? Which form of democracy would you trust to handle a pandemic better — direct or indirect democracy? Why? Explain your answer. 200 wordsThe answer to each question is worth 1 point. Also, here’s a checklist for your threaded discussion postings.Quality Did you completely answer the discussion question (s)Is your post relevant to the topic?Does your response demonstrate critical thinking of the topic? Meets Participation Guidelines Are your postings made before the deadline?Did you post to all assigned discussion questions?Is your original post at least 200 words in length?Clarity and Organization of Writing Are your answers and responses well organized into paragraphs and easy to understand?Did you check for spelling and grammatical errors? Are you using spellchecker?Did you include and cite references properly? (i.e. Jones, 1996) You don’t need to cite the main textbooks assigned in this course.Professional & Netiquette Did your posts demonstrate respect in regards to other discussion participants?Did you use appropriate language so as not to insult other discussants?

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Articles of Confederation
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