APU PSYC300 Week 8 Final Exam Latest /APU PSYC300 Week 8 Final Exam Latest

Question 1
Polly Petunia is Chief Horticulturalist for the Southwest region, encompassing Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. She wants to survey amateur gardeners in her region to determine what, if any, water conservation practices they employ in their home gardening. Polly sends her survey to 150 randomly selected gardeners in each state. Polly is using:
A. purposive sampling.
B. proportional stratified sampling.
C. systematic sampling.
D. stratified random sampling.
Question 2
Danny Drive wants to know the relationship between intrinsic motivation and course grade among math students. He contacts a local professor who teaches several general education math classes and asks about the possibility of gathering data in her classes. Danny is using: 
A. simple random sampling.
B. cluster sampling.
C. convenience sampling.
D. systematic sampling.
Question 3
Statistical hypothesis testing involves testing the:
A. research hypothesis
B. probability level
C. significant level

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APU PSYC300 Week 8 Final Exam Latest /APU PSYC300 Week 8 Final Exam Latest
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