Applying Writing Skills

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Muller, G. H. (2014). 

Publisher: The McGraw-Hill reader: Issues across disciplines (12th ed.). New York, NY:  McGraw-Hill Education.  

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Applying Writing Skills
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ISBN: 9781259991523

  • (General Education) Rose, M. “What college can mean to the other America” pp. 194-197
  • (Business Related Fields) Gates Jr., H.L. “Delusions of grandeur” pp. 381-384
  • (Health, Sports, Psychology) Bordo, S. “The globalization of eating disorders” pp. 639-643
  • (Criminal Justice, Homeland Security) Chua, A. “The right road to America?” pp. 335-340
  • (Information Technology) Turkle, S. “How computers change the way we think” pp. 721-727
  • (Nature and the Environment) Diamond, J. “The last Americans: Environmental collapse and the end of civilization” pp. 684-701

After you review the six articles, select one, then answer the following questions in a total of 600+ words.

  1. What is the author’s thesis? What are his or her major points in the essay? Finally, what do you think is the implications of the author’s argument? Meaning, how does the author want this piece to affect readers or even society?
  2. What are your initial reactions to the essay? Consider questions such as whether you agree with the author or not, who the essay benefits most, your personal experiences with the issues in the essay, and what questions come to your mind as you read the article.
  3. Consider the strategy the author uses to make the argument. What rhetorical modes or strategies are being most used in this argument? Provide evidence.


  • In this assignment, you will showcase what you have reviewed and learned to this point.
  • Use proper APA format. Review the following video and create your own version:
  • Use Times New Roman, 12-point font only.
  • Answer each question in a paragraph of 200-250 words for a total of a minimum  600+ words.
  • Use quotes, paraphrasing, and summarizing in your essay. No more than 20% of your essay should be source material.
  • The associated reading must be used in your essay. No other sources should be used.
  • Upload your essay as an attachment in the dropbox.
  • The assignment is due by Sunday at 11:59 PM Eastern.


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