Apply to a Case – Comparing Models of Sex Therapy

InstructionsFor this assignment, apply the information you learned about sex therapy by developing a professional presentation that you could present to an audience of your peers on sex therapy. Include the following in your presentation:Compare and contrast at least 3 sex therapy models (e.g., medical approach to sexual dysfunction and relational approach to sex therapy). The presentation should address similarities and/or differences in theoretical formulation and concepts, goals for therapy, how change occurs, theory-specific interventions, and treatment planning.Based on the resources for this week, consider which model you find to be the best fit for you, your personality, and your process of clinical work. Using this model as your focus and one of the two-presented vignettes (Carol and Michael or Nadia and Ivan) describe the model and how you could use it in your clinical work. What makes this model a good fit for you?

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Apply to a Case – Comparing Models of Sex Therapy
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