Apply Theories Of DW And DSS To Current Systems To Propose Improvements

For this task, you will identify a current description of a data-driven DSS, such as those described in the readings for this week. The identified systems should provide enough information about the system for you to create a diagram and data-flow model of the system. You should describe as fully as possible the design of the system, uses, and performance. You should then use the readings and research completed earlier in the course to propose improvements to the system. Improvements should be described in terms of design, uses, performance, and cost. You should provide background about the improvement and references to support your decision to make a change. Your proposed final system should be described in the same terms as the original design with explanations of how the improvement benefits the system, database design changes, and data flow.

Length: 5-7 pages, not including title and reference pages

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Apply Theories Of DW And DSS To Current Systems To Propose Improvements
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References: Include a minimum of six scholarly resources.


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