Application Assignment

Each Application Assignment must be at least 2 – 3 pages (no fewer than 600 words) 
When we consider or discuss interpersonal aggression we tend to focus on overt, intentional actions that purposefully harm another individual or group. However, a substantial amount of interpersonal aggression comes in a more passive, covert form. These petty transgressions are often motivated by the same emotions as overt aggression but lack the directness and hostility. For example, a husband who is upset with his wife and intentionally leaves the toilet seat up. While his actions are not directly hostile, they are motivated by anger and have the same aggressive nature as yelling at his spouse. For this entry, give one example of intentional passive aggression and one example of unintentional passive aggression. Please note, unintentional passive aggression might be labeled as a ‘micro-aggression’ as the actor often does not have any awareness of the aggressive nature of their action. Make sure to provide all of the necessary context when discussing either example.

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Application Assignment
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