THIS WEEK FOCUS IS ON ANTI-BLACK RACISM GLOBALLYFIRST LISTEN TO MARVIN GAYE “WHAT’S GOING ON” ABOUT NOT ONLY WHAT’S GOING ON IN THE UNITED STATES, BUT WHAT’S GOING ON GLOBALLY.This week focus is on Anti-Black Racism Around the world. Read the following quote from Dr. Satre Brown:African American Doctor Satra Browne was recruited to work in New Zealand because they have a shortage of Doctors. Says Dr. Brown: “I was heartened to see how quickly Black Lives Matter protests were organised here despite being so far away. The solidarity and compassion for the cause of enslaved and oppressed people has been truly astounding. What is becoming clear is that people here, in Aotearoa New Zealand, are protesting not just in solidarity, but also to express their own pain and suffering. The suffering of people of colour in Aotearoa has been silenced for too long. Something about George Floyd himself, the brazen way in which police officer Derek Chauvin killed him, and the timing of his murder, has opened up a deep abscess. After a lifetime of pretending that the pain will pass or that if I could just be a little less sensitive and adjust my ears so I didn’t hear what I just heard – the exposing cut has now been made. The pus is copious, full of flashbacks of my experiences with racism in the States, but also here in New Zealand.”So far in the semester we have taken a look at issues of Anti-Black Racism in the United States; however, anti-Black racism is horrible in other parts of the world as well. Study the information on the following links. Keep in mind this assignment is not about colorism, which is people of the same race or ethnicity having preference for light skin over dark skin that happens in many parts of the world; in Asia colorism is horrible as well as other places around the world. But colorism among people of the same background is not what this assignment is about. This assignment is specifically about racism against Black people globally–Black people living or working or studying in places globally.If any of the links below for any of the countries are not working, then google anti-Black racism in those countries. And do not simply glance at these links; instead read and study them very very carefully. YOUR WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT FOR THIS WEEK:Select any FOUR of the countries below and in an essay (see essay checklist) discuss their anti-Black Racism. Be sure to provide details and examples of anti-Black Racism outside the United States, as we already know about racism in the United States. This essay will be graded on quality (substance) not quantity (word count), thus I am not giving you a word count. Quality means elaboration, details, evidence and not simply generalization. Always submit an essay that is an example of your very best writing and fullness of response to the assignment. For this assignment underline your thesis statement which must be in the last sentence of your first introduction paragraph.Your thesis should indicate which countries you will be discussing and in the order in which you are doing so. Be sure to refer to the Essay Checklist provided for this class before you submit your essay. Be sure to read over your essay a couple of times so as to edit for college level writing. Essay Checklist 1) YOUR ESSAY must have an original title that you create: the name of the assignment is NOT the title of the essay.2) YOUR title on the title line must NOT be in italics, must NOT be underlined, must NOT be in quotation marks. 3) YOUR ESSSAY must have indented paragraphs (NOT block style which is for business corespondence).4) YOUR ESSAY must have the 3 required parts of an essay: Introduction, development and conclusion: One long paragraph is not an essay. it must be developed as follows: a) MUST BEGIN WITH an introduction paragraph that MUST have a thesis statement UNDERLINED in the last sentence of this first introduction paragraph; (Note the thesis statement should indicate specifically what will be covered and the order in which it will be covered in the developing paragraphs. b) YOUR ESSAY must have one or more developing paragraphs. c) YOUR ESSAY must have a concluding paragraph.A.The Arab World C. India Japan China F. Korea Europe Australia New Zealand: Mexico K. Cuba ;L. Russia

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