Book Review, you will be expected to choose a book from the additional reading list and complete a book review. A book review is different than a book report or commentary paper. A book review requires you research the topic of the book, understand the topic broadly, and evaluate whether or not the author achieved the goals outlined in the book. It will require an outline of the topics addressed in the book as well as how you think it relates to other literature on the topic. Here are the requirements of the 

Book Review: 

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• You must present an overall summary of the topic presented in the book • You must provide a brief summary of the book that outlines the arguments of the book

 • You must use at least 3 peer reviewed or primary sources in addition to the book you are evaluating 

• You must critically analyze whether or the author achieves the goals of the argument

 Breakdown of Points: 

Summary of the Topic 4 points 

Outline of the Book 4 points 

Use of Primary/Peer-Reviewed Sources 4 points 

Critical Analysis 5 points 

Final Format & Quality of Presentation 3 points 

Total Points 20 points

To access the e-book “White Kids:” you need to use the following Google information


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