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You are ready to purchase your first home. You have been looking at 3 properties; 1) a single family house; 2) a condominium and 3) a coop. They are all in the price range of $250,000. You are to do the following:
1. Explain the differences between these three types of properties. Give a full description of how ownership is structured including how the future maintenance and upgrades on these properties are covered.

2. List the other expenses you will need to consider for each property type. Explain how property taxes are covered.

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answer questions
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3. Assuming you need a 20% down payment, how much will you need for the down payment. Find what the current interest rates are for a 30 year mortgage. You can find those rates on the Bankrate website

4. What are the other important considerations you should consider when you have decided to buy a residential property.


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