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What should you avoid when analyzing language resources?

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Answer Questions
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Sending patients who speak a rare language to another facility

Identifying the dominant language groups that your facility serves

Creating language banks

Handing out a list of community resources

Question 2 of 11

What is a distinguishing characteristic of the Spanish grammatical structure?

The noun follows the adjective.

The adjective follows the noun.

There are always double adjectives.

There are several compound nouns per sentence.

Question 3 of 11

Which of the following is the one of the essential pieces of closing the gap of health care disparities?

Having more interpreters

Cultural competency

Hiring more Latinos

All are correct

Question 4 of 11

If you are told your patient will be a 47-year-old Asian female who speaks no English, what additional information do you need before working with an interpreter?

Her marital status

Her experience with interpreters

Her specific nationality

Her personality characteristics

Question 5 of 11

Which of the following is not usually the result of an accent?

A softened consonant sound

Emphasis of a specific word in a sentence

A softened vowel sound

An added or dropped sound

Question 6 of 11

Which practice should you follow when using an interpreter in a medical setting?

Encourage family members to help with the interpretation whenever possible.

Discourage prior meetings between the patient and interpreter.

Meet with the interpreter to talk about the purpose of the meeting.

Elaborate on your sentences for clarification.

Question 7 of 11

What is one method of establishing rapport?

Speak in loud, clear tones.

If you don’t feel sincere, put on an act.

Exhibit a forceful persona.

Genuinely convey care and warmth.

Question 8 of 11

What is the best way to greet a new acquaintance?

First name only

Last name only



Question 9 of 11

What is the best definition of denotation?

The literal meaning of a word

The associated ideas or suggested meaning of a word

The alternate meaning of a word in a different culture

The words that surround another word and help provide its meaning

Question 10 of 11

Which of the following groups of people is especially sensitive to touch?





Question 11 of 11

What is the definition of carriage?

How an individual’s body posture is interpreted

The way an individual dresses

The physical distance between interacting individuals

How an individual holds and moves his or her body


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