Analyze Qualitative Data


Complete table provided

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Analyze Qualitative Data
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After table complete 2 FULL page summary of the key findings from the focus group question

In further discussions with the police chief, you learn that he can provide you with a list of names of people who have filed written complaints with the police department and expressed a willingness to be contacted to discuss their comments in more detail. You decide to randomly select ten people from the list to participate in a focus group on the issue. After all ten people consent to participating in the study you conducted a successful focus group with the participants and are now ready to begin analyzing the data. 

Include the following in summarizing the results:

1. Describe how you themed and coded the qualitative data from the focus groups, and explain why you chose to theme the data as you did.

2. Summarize the results and discuss particularly noteworthy quotes from participants to emphasize the main findings.

3. Provide a policy recommendation to help the police chief that could help to improve community relations with his agency.


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