Analyze case attached

Using the The Virgin case in the text (check attachement), use ALL the steps of the Wertheim Problem Solving Model :
Step 1: Comprehend the Case Situation: Data Collection, Identify Relevant Facts
Step 2: Defining the Problem what is the critical issue or problems to be solved? This is probably the most crucial part of the analysis and sometimes the hardest thing to do in the whole analysis
Step 3: Causes
Once you have identified the key problem(s), try to find the causes here. Most critical here is avoiding solutions, and avoiding blaming or judging people.
Step 4: Generating Alternative Solutions (not all assignments will call for this)
In thinking about a context for generating alternatives.
Step 5: Decision (note that not all assignments will call for a solution)
In considering the alternatives generated above you need to be clear on the criteria you will use to evaluate them.
Step 6: Taking Action and Following Up
to identify a problem to be solved and evaluate potential alternative actions before suggesting an optimal solution for the company.
4 pages , reference page ,apa format 
The Virgin Case  attached in word file 
explanation of the 6 subtopics using the Wertheim Problem solver model – Attached in a  word document also.

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Analyze case attached
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