Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) In Law And Governance

Write a report on the methods of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) available.

Discuss to what extent ADR currently provides effective methods of resolving commercial disputes in today’s business arena.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) In Law And Governance
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1. Define your topic – give your report an adequate topic and explain in your introduction your choice of topic. 

2. Define scope of topic – 

What is ADR? Why do we use ADR? What is available? etc

NOTE: include that going to court is costly and lengthy in your introduction as well. Also include that ADR preserves business relationships.

Outline the alternatives(Main body of the work) Include Negotiation, Mediation, Concilliation, and Arbitration in your work. Define them, Their Advantages and Disadvantages. And give some examples. Are they always appropriate? If not, why not? 

Resources: lexis library, West law, Newspaper articles, Case commentary, Journal articles 

For negotiation (out of court settlement)

Mediation (Dunnet) (MIAM)

Conciliation (ACAS)

Arbitration (CAS)

NOTE: The best kind of Sources: 

Academic Sources and Recognized Sources. Add additional works from appropriate resources as well. 

Harvard Standard

1500 – 2500 word count


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