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Respond to Maggie, Rebecca,  Bill, and Carlos post be professional and constructive
Maggie post
The global market drives organizational change. This makes you make changes in your organization to keep up in the industry. The results can push you to look at opportunities that you may not have thought of acting on when you wanted to prior. These changes can change performance, employee morale, and greater profits within the organization. You must be willing to change with the markets and industry. If not, that is how you lose profits, employees, or even customers and clients. Relationships drive change; you want to make sure your company is involved and things in the community and aware of what other stores or branches are doing. Communication is always a big piece. It helps you connect with other people and ideas when you have that. Many things factors into organizational change. Some of the things are markets, mergers, and the management team. With the needs changing, some companies may have to condense to have unions or change the management team to keep up with the times. Sometimes shaking the bag, so to speak, helps the organizational change.
Rebecca post
When it comes to organizational change in relationship to the organizations need to stay competitive the process works both ways. Organizational change can be easier or harder based off the way it is communicated and can overall effect the competitive need in a positive or negative way as well. The relationship between the two has a huge influence on things as well. if there are a lack of changes the company can become less competitive very quickly. The same goes for the wrong type of change as well. However, when the need for change is envisioned and the organizational values as well as mission is included and there is a strong leadership to follow through with the change then you are setting the company up to be competitive in a global market. We cannot forget the employees however, and making sure the adjustment to the change is occurring well and added support is in place where needed as this is a huge factor driving organizational change as well. As following up on performance after the change as been in use and making sure that it is effective and see what new opportunities may come out of this change are all other driving factors that drive organizational change.

Bill post
Since HR planning is an integral part of all business structure to achieve goals and successes, change is a major part of that success.
As an example, with the pandemic that took place last year in 2020, the majority of larger organizations were dealt with a hand of structure, operational, and staffing change that was, in some cases, drastic and challenging. Without the HR team to utilize their tools and knowledge, many infrastructures could have (and did) struggled with moving forward through the pandemic and keeping afloat.
Granted, many things took place regarding lock downs, budget cuts, and other items from the government to local ordinances, but overall, the structure of many, many companies benefited from the HR groups that were part of those organizations to navigate their way through the challenges and come out the other end.
It also opened up many new doors for innovative and creative hiring and staffing practices, teleconferencing, telemedicine, out of state remote working, and many other options to expand operations.
It also opened up other growth opportunities for advancements to allow people more flexibility to locations for employment – all, in my opinion, from the well structured HR planning teams.

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Carlos post
Employees must be willing to adapt and overcome change. Change is inevitable and I believe that it all depends on how individual employees will accept and react to the change. The Human Resources department’s role of setting mission goals, planning, organizing, and creating programs are changing. Everything from recruiting, hiring, benefits, and working environment are all important to retain the individual employee.
Recruiting tactics differ from the individual company and positions. However, human resource employees must be dedicated to the improvement of the overall company and the values of the employee(s). Human resources management must concentrate on the safety of all employees and a fair work environment for all employees.
Human resources must provide proper training to ensure company and federal guidelines are met. Having transparency so there are no secrets, and the individual employee is not left in the dark wondering what’s going on with the company.
This and all can be accomplished by having an overall goal that will outline the expectations and goals of not just the company but of what’s expected of the individual employees. 

Discussion 2
In response to your Justin and Chynna posts, find another example of the theme they chose in a work from this week’s module. Contribute to the conversation by discussing the different ways in which that theme is expressed in the two works and is still relevant today.
 Justin post
Hello everyone, for my example of postmodern art representing that reflects my final project, I have chosen the 1986 film Platoon. My theme is the representation of war and Platoon definitely fits that criteria. The film depicts the Vietnam War and follows a young recruit as his idealism is torn apart by the reality of combat. He is under two sergeants, one who is ruthless in how he treats the Vietnamese people and the other much more sympathetic to the Vietnamese people. They consistently clash throughout the film and our main character is caught in between the two different perspectives. The film portrays the harshness and cruelty of war experienced by both soldiers and civilians. This fits my theme as the pieces I chose to write about depict a similar portrayal. 

Chynna post
The artwork I have chosen is ‘We rose up slowly’ by Roy Lichtenstein. It is a manga and oil on canvas and 172.7 x 233.7 cm. Created in 1964, it is the epitome of Roy Lichtenstein’s style of combing manga and comic books with oil paint. The painting is currently in the Museum für Moderne Kunst in Frankfurt, Germany.
The theme of my final project is dramatic expressions of love and this artwork fits the bill almost perfectly. The work includes a poem on the side of the two figures who are about to kiss which heightens the dramatic effect in my opinion. The couple looks as though they are just about to kiss and combined with the smoke tendrils around them, I would consider it a dramatic expression of love or the very least lust.


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