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Discussion 1
 For this discussion, you will create a speech outline of your choice of your topic. A template has been provided for this purpose below.
In your post, identify two specific areas you would like peer feedback on. Examples may include:

The use of tone
Quality of points and subpoints
Relevance of explanations to subpoints
Alignment of certain sections (introduction, body, conclusion) to identified audience
Effectiveness of introduction
Effectiveness of conclusion

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.Discussion 2
Imagine that you could design a psychological test of your own. In your post, describe what you would measure and why. Be sure to include the practical need for the test and how you would go about designing it. How would you assess reliability, validity, and utility?

Discussion 3
Do the worksheet PSY 335 Milestone two Guidelines and Rubric. This pertain to the case study you did.

Discussion 4
Consider what you learned in the experience and respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

Do you agree with Jobs’ leadership approach? Why?
What might you do to facilitate a more empathetic collaborative space?
How would effective collaboration still have allowed Apple to succeed?
What would you say to a colleague who is being disrespectful, abusive, or aggressive during a collaborative exchange?


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