ACME lifespan

Congratulations are in order, your company’s network is up and running and everything seems to be working great.
Now, you have been given a key task, the CTO is due to retire from ACME, Inc. and you are on the finalist list for your excellent work.
The CEO has decided that he wants a forward thinking individual in the CTO spot, so he has asked the finalist to provide him a report.
The report, which should be in a Word document, is your vision for the Network in 1 year, 3 years, and 5 years down the road. Some of the items to include are listed below.
– What is the expected lifespan of our current network (hint: the one you have worked on the past few weeks)?
-What is the standard lifespan for networks?
-What upgrades would you do at each of the intervals listed?
-What technologies should we be aware of coming down the pipeline?
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ACME lifespan
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